How to refill your Ajora candle vessel

Candle refills are a sustainable and affordable way to shop candles – minimising waste by reusing your candle vessel time and time again. Shop Ajora's candle refill range here.

Here’s a short video instructing how to refill your ceramic vessel.


Candle Care

Here are some tips to achieve the best and longest burn out of your Ajora candle.

    • No. 1 Rule: Always trim the wick to 5mm before each use. If the wick is too long or too short, the flame may not stay lit long enough or it'll extinguish itself.
    • Keep your candle free of debris and charred bits from the wood wick. Use a wick trimmer, or turn the vessel upside down, using a tissue, gently pinch away any charred part of the wick.
    • On the first burn, allow a full melt pool. The top surface of the wax should melts evenly, reaching the edge of the vessel. This usually takes around 2-3 hours. This will prevent sink holes or tunnelling effect around the wick. This will give your candle a wonderful long life.
    • Tilt your candle to make lighting the wood wick easier.
    • Keep the candle away from window of drafty areas.