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“It was always after a good night’s rest that we both felt at our best - both inside and out.” — Nefie, Founder

We’re Nefie + Josh, the family and founders behind Ajora.

We both know, all too well, how the pace of modern life can disrupt your wellbeing. In our past lives, I was a flight attendant working long, irregular hours and jumping time-zones that completely messed up my body-clock. Josh worked in the capital city as a designer, in a fast-paced, highly-stressful industry spending long hours fixed at a screen.

The struggle to truly relax, unwind and switch-off was a problem for us both. We were definitely not feeling like the best version of ourselves.

During my travels, I discovered the power of aromatherapy and its natural ability to help me unwind. We made Ajora to help inspire others to establish easy daily rituals that promote everyday wellness. Starting with beauty sleep.

Grab your pillow sleepyhead - welcome to our house.


A – Aura

The aura you surround yourself in, as well as the aura you give from within.

J – Joy

The feeling of being at your best.

O – Oils

Using the therapeutic power of pure botanicals.

R – Ritual

Everyone is different and unwinds in their own way.

A – All-natural

Sourced from mother nature. Where possible, to deliver all-natural, earth-loving products.

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